Team Integration

It is a customised path to facilitate the integration of the decision-making processes of team members.

The path’s general objective is to facilitate the identification of individual strengths and areas for improvement in relation to the goals that the team must achieve to build a personalised development plan at both individual and team level.

Thus, the Team develops a strong added value as it learns to use its diversity to its benefit.


It allows participants to find answers, including actions to be taken, to important questions about their team, such as:

– What decisions does the Team know how to make?

– What areas might they find most challenging to agree on? Why?

– What goals is it most likely to achieve? In what ways?

– What are the dynamics within the team that give it strength? What are the limitations?

– How can internal processes be optimised?

– What is the added value of the team?

– How can the team leader best express his or her potential within the group?


Through the work of Team Integration:

– The group identifies a common, motivating and unifying Modus Operandi

– The individual participant identifies areas of personal improvement to strengthen his or her role within the team.


Main contents:

– Individual assessment and briefing: to identify strengths, areas of improvement and potential for developing one’s style of management and leadership

– Team & Leader: comparison between your leadership style, the team profile and the company culture; analysis of the risks and criticalities of your management style compared to the team profile

– Team Integration: this phase will take its cue from what emerged from the aggregation of the results of the individual questionnaires to provide keys to an in-depth understanding of the group dynamics that are put into action