I had the opportunity to meet Sheyla for the first in 2008, participating to a company team coaching program developed and managed by Sheyla, and then during most part of 2017 I had an exciting coaching program experience in which Sheyla, who drove me, within a though environment, through a professional, personal and team development.With her deep and effective competences in executive & organizational coaching, conflict and change management, leadership development, myself and my team grew and continuously evolved during the coaching path. Not difficult to convince me about the power of coaching and team development, but the tangible and positive effects of this experience has been appreciated by the company itself through proper kpis during the full coaching path.

Bruno D. – Imerys


“In general, coaching has allowed me to identify my areas of improvement and to develop my managerial skills. I gained a broader vision of my role and more authority.”

Stefania B. – Ariston Thermo Spa


“The coaching path gave me different keys to interpret the behavioral and relational sphere inherent in my role. In general, it helped me develop my soft managerial skills.”

Monia S. – Ariston Thermo Spa


“Through coaching I became aware of my areas of improvement which I then strengthened and which helped me to better face a period of high stress and new tasks. Coaching allowed me to grow in a constructive way.”

Cinzia D. – Comet


“This course has been a surprise on a personal level. It has gone beyond my expectations. I would like, if possible, to continue the path to explore new goals.”

Giancarlo B. – Hexion Specialty Chemicals


“If I had not done the coaching path I would have faced situations such as public speaking or managing groups in the wrong way by getting anxious. I found the inner security to face with serenity the things I don’t know thus taking on new responsibilities.”

Vincenzo S. – Novem Car Interior Design


“Coaching helped me to look inside myself through the eyes of others and understand how my perception of myself was sometimes different from that of others. Coaching showed me a path that I might have had difficulty finding on my own. The journey, for me, is not over. I will continue to pursue this path.”

Antonio A. – ND Logistics Italy


“The coaching gave me the awareness on how to best conduct the mobility process. It gave me the possibility to face head-on the difficult moments; to have more confidence in myself.”

Manuela B. – Real estate company

“I appreciated in the Sales Lab the customization on the individual and the context (NI and SME), the interaction of participants and content development; the acquisition of knowledge related to formae mentis different from mine.”

Matteo B. – National Instruments Italy


“The Sales Lab allowed me to get to know myself better, improve my own character potential and especially sales potential and identify who we are facing.”

Alessandro M. – Mylan


“The Sales Lab allowed me to identify strengths rather than weaknesses to exploit them and commit to exploit them; understand the right approaches to use based on the type of interlocutor.”

Andrea P. – Mylan


“The Sales Lab allowed me to carefully analyze the main types of people with whom we relate to better understand who is in front of us, analyze sales techniques based on the person with whom we relate.”

Roberto R. – Mylan


“The Leadership Lab was useful for self- and other-knowledge in order to build a team more motivated to change and listen. It was a further step towards an effective integration of the Group.”

Bernardo S. – S.I.A.D. Società Italiana Acetilene E Derivati


“The Leadership Lab was positively received by the people. It was a stimulus for each of us to question ourselves and find new ways of relating to bosses, colleagues and collaborators.”

Ilaria B. – S.I.A.D. Italian Acetylene and Derivatives Society


“I participated in an NLP communication course in which Dr. Rega was the teacher.

She was very professional, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of communication tools, delivering them with competence combined with a very interesting direct approach. I learned a lot from this experience so much so that I would like to continue to participate in new training courses run by Dr. Rega.

Carmelo R. – Mylan