Six Seconds

The theoretical model of Six Seconds is based on Emotional Intelligence.

Six Seconds is the most important international network of studies and researches on socio-emotional competences and on this know-how it develops all its products.

Six Seconds tools aim to support leaders, teams and organizations in the development of talents and personal and organizational change through a precise measurement of intangibles.


Our tools are:


Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessments (SEI™)

  • Maps the emotional intelligence (EI) of people
  • Assesses Emotional Quotient with reference to the 3 areas that are the basis of Emotional Intelligence (Self Awareness, Self-Management, Self-Direction)


Team Vital Sign (TVS)

  • To gain awareness of people’s perceptions of management, strategic and operational team issues
  • Identify the areas of strength and criticality that could facilitate or counteract good team performance


SEI 360

  • Map people’s Emotional Performance EP, i.e. the ability to “act” emotionally intelligent behavior
  • Measures EP from a personal perspective (an individual’s self-assessment) and an external perspective (a hetero-assessment provided by other people)
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