DoLquest is the first questionnaire based on Neuroscience and Systemics.


Based on the latest discoveries in the field of neuroscience and on McLean’s theory of the tripartite brain*, DoLquest assessments lead to reflect in a simple way on the variables that condition the individual personality.


Its added value lies in the fact that it proposes an in-depth assessment of individual abilities (strengths, areas of improvement and potential for development), integrating them with the specificities of one’s own work context.


Our tools are:

Professional DoLquest

  • Allows each individual to understand his or her own management and communication style and its impact on others
  • Suitable for Team Coaching and Evolved Solutions.


Executive DoLquest

  • Designed to develop conscious leadership, it allows for an in-depth understanding of development potential
  • Suitable for Executive and Tandem Coaching


Team Integration

  • Designed to facilitate the integration of the decision-making processes of team members
  • Suitable for team coaching