Formulated by Geil Browning, Ph.D. and Wendell Williams, Ph.D. in 1991, the Emergenetics Profile is built on years of work focused on personality and the brain, including doctoral research at the University of Nebraska, post-doctoral research at Harvard University, and industry research and testing. Based on a split-brain model developed by the Nobel prize-winning neuropsychologist, Dr. Roger Sperry, the Emergenetics model is focused on four different thinking attributes that compose a left- and right-brain concept.


Through seven Attributes, we provide the blueprint to achieve greater self-awareness, enhance communication and build more productive workplaces.



Preferences vs Competencies

Just having a preference in a certain attribute doesn’t automatically mean that you have the ability to effectively carry out those preferences.

There is no such thing as a better style than others.



The Emergnetics  Assessment

  • It enables you to obtain a profile of your natural communication and management style and its impact on others.
  • It is individually filled out online (maximum 30 minutes).
  • It allows you to process “aggregate views” of the profiles to make connections with:
    • Teamwork,
    • Organization as a system,
    • Company culture and/or values,
    • Business objectives.

The 7 Emergenetics Attributes

emergenetics attributes

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How does it work


(emerge • genetics)

It was coined by putting two words together, ‘emerge’ and ‘genetics,’ that is, who you are emerged from your genetic blueprint and was further developed through experiences in your formative years.

Formulated on a scientific basis from neuroscience.

Simple to understand and use...but not simplistic.

It is declined on the three business dimensions: individual, team and organization.

High reliability and validity in psychometric terms, consolidated over 25 years of studies, with over 500,000 applications worldwide.

It allows you to achieve concrete results, relating personal characteristics to organizational and business objectives.

Our solutions

Based on the neuroscientific approach and the Emergenetics assessment, we have designed several solutions to deliver measurable impact to individuals, teams and organizations in the following areas:

Inclusive Corporate Culture & Competitive Positioning
Innovation & Change Management
Management & Leadership Development
Team Integration & Team Working