Management Research Group

MRG provides assessments that integrate business and science to help individuals and organizations around the world create opportunities for growth and excellence.

MRG’s products are scientifically validated, offer a global perspective based on multi-lingual availability and geographic and national norms, and can be applied in many of the most complex situations and occasions.


Our tools are:

Strategic Direction

  • Identifies behaviors and habits that will be required of professionals in the future to achieve strategic business goals
  • Create a common language to enhance the communication of relevant strategies across the organization.


Role Expectation

  • Defines the behaviors considered effective in a specific role
  • Establishes critical elements for hiring and developing key employees and aligns responsibilities with goals and outcomes


Group Composite

  • Describes the behavioral profile of a specific group
  • Helps team members understand possible synergies through the effective use of individual skills at the group level, identifies areas for team development, making clear working style and possible interactive impact


Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA)

  • It’s a 360° feedback tool that defines the leadership role in terms of 22 behavioral characteristics 


It offers managers an objective view of their own leadership behavior, based on self-assessment and comparison with external observers

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