Sales Lab

This is an innovative training course designed to develop a flexible and conscious sales style.

The training methodology and classroom contents will be chosen and developed considering both the needs of the organisation and the peculiarities of the personal profile: individual motivational skills and keys, characteristics of the decision-making process, learning style, personal needs, development potential, aspirations.

It is a path for approaching or evolving the sales role, which combines the analysis of one’s development potential, the “resources put in the drawer”, with classroom training opportunities to activate areas of improvement.

It is designed in collaboration with management based on the group’s development strategies, the organisation’s sales style, and taking into account the results of individual profile development.


Sales Lab will allow participants to answer questions such as:

– What are the characteristics of my dominant sales style?

– With which customers do I interact best? Why?

– What are my strengths and my blind spots?

– What are my customers’ possible buying motivations? How can I recognise them and use them in selling?

– How can I improve my communication skills ?

– How can I develop my potential in the different phases of the sales process?

– How can I better develop and improve my sales skills?


Main contents:

– Discovering your own Sales Approach Profile

– Exploratory exercises and questionnaire for self-assessment of one’s selling style

– Strengths and weaknesses of your “natural” selling style

– The different types of customers: how and what they buy

– Develop your potential in the different phases of the sale

– Managing resistance to purchase

– Roleplay to learn different approaches to selling

– Definition of a personal development plan for your own sales style