Role Building

The methodology is designed to enable people to find, understand and adopt their own development path for the role they are called upon to play, taking into account both the organisation’s needs and the peculiarities of their profile (skills, preferred modus operandi, development potential, aspirations).

The program starts from the assumption that different cognitive styles, and therefore different communication styles, require different learning and growth paths.

The correct interpretation of a company role as it is designed and expected in the organisation’s culture must take into account the desired profile and the basic characteristics of the people called upon to cover it.


Main contents:

– Analysis of the skills and characteristics required by the role

– Assessment: role mapping

– Assessment of the gap between the desired profile and the individual profiles

– Definition of the training needs of the group

– Tailor-made classroom training

– Definition of personal development plans

– Individual coaching paths

– Monitoring and evaluation of results with the management