Leadership Lab

It is an innovative leadership training because we use deeply engaging forms of experiential learning.

We work with business leaders who want to create brilliant organisations and who want to be better leaders.

We tailor our training to your specific needs on the ground. 

The training methodology and the classroom contents will be chosen and elaborated considering the organisation’s needs and the peculiarities of the personal profile: individual motivational skills and keys, characteristics of the decision-making process, learning style, personal needs, development potential, aspirations.


Leadership Lab will allow participants to answer questions such as:

– What are the attributes of my dominant management and leadership style?

– What is other people’s perception of me? Why?

– Which people do I most easily relate to? With whom do I struggle the most? Why?

– What are my possible blocks  to change?

– How can I motivate different people?

– What are my areas of development? And those of the teams I manage?

– What is my intrinsic value-added as a leader? And the one related to the context in which I act?


Main contents:

– Self-assessment questionnaire of one’s leadership style.

– Understanding, recognising and managing the different types of collaborators

– Explorations of management styles: motivation, goal setting, delegation, decision making, meeting management and conflict management

– Roleplay to learn how to implement different leadership behaviours

– Definition of a personal leadership development plan