It is an original methodology to increase competitiveness in retail. It allows you to translate your Brand Architecture into operational models, easy to apply and transferred to the sales staff. 

It is well known that companies do not only sell products, but they also transmit their brand image to the outside world and create value for the customer through the quality of the service offered.

The salesperson manages all service delivery phases, must be in tune with the customer, listen and observe, and excite and amaze by personalising the service. Must be able to perceive different choice behaviours and expectations.


Main contents:

Preliminary analysis of Identity and Brand Profile

– Analysis of the distinctive elements of the company’s values and image, and the brand’s perception

– Definition of the salient elements that determine the Empowerbrand model (desired profile) to be transferred to the sales staff


Assessment of personal profiles:

– Comparison between the individual profiles and the Empowerbrand model and identification of the main gaps

– Construction of a model of desired competencies based on the integrative analysis and discussion with management


Tailored action plan:

– Definition of training interventions aimed at role development

– Definition of individual development plans

– Implementation of coaching programs