Group coaching


Sessions aimed at people who work together in a team and wish to develop the necessary skills to carry out synergistic and efficient teamwork to achieve a common goal. The team leader may participate in all or some of the meetings. Can be offered to both presence and remote teams.



Sessions aimed at people who do not work together and do not necessarily belong to the same organisation; everyone brings to the coaching process, which takes place at a group level, a development goal independent from others. The path can be integrated with some individual sessions.



Sessions aimed at two people who need to increase their ability to work together. It works in parallel both individually and with both people present. It is designed for all company levels when there is a need to improve operating procedures, enhance decision-making and resolve conflicts, whether latent or not.



Innovative sessions to solve the typical critical issues of family businesses. Allows the development of both individual and group skills and competencies within the company-family system to promote business growth. It is also an excellent tool for facilitating the generational changeover.